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The First of Many Or The Only One.

I'm making this website way too late. I've been a mother for ten years, I've known how to make websites for at least half that time, and if I'm honest I've had the time on my hands for a few years now. 

Why did I finally decide to make this site? I suppose the short answer is that the nagging voice in the back of my mind that urges me to act has gotten so loud and annoying that it's impossible to ignore anymore. I’m sick of phrases like “ambiguous loss” and “abandonment issues” bobbing to the surface of my mind and while I don’t realistically expect to ever be reunited with my mother or sister, I do have hope that the truth can come to light. I do believe that if I learn the truth of what happened, I can move on. Whatever that means.

I’m thirty-one years old and my mother and sister have been missing since I was five years old and I’ve never once shared a news story about their disappearance, liked a post, or even told very many of my friends about what happened. And now I've made a website.

Catherine Koblinsky
Catherine Koblinsky [previously Tiner] is a graphic designer, artist, and mother currently living in Europe.
My mother is facing criminal charges for taking desperate actions to protect my sister from abuse.